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Easter Baskets

An Easter basket is a holiday tradition for many families so I want to remind the Easter Bunny and parents that a basket filled with chocolate is better for teeth than one overflowing with jellybeans. Sticky candies can uproot fillings and long-lasting hard candies can lead to an acid attack on teeth for up to 20 minutes after they have melted away. Prolonged exposure to sugary treats can contribute to the development of cavities in children’s teeth.  I recommend using sugar-free candies or chocolates that melt away quickly. Regardless of the type of candy eaten, it should be followed up with a glass of water or milk to help rinse sugar away from the teeth. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is important, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t have fun with it. Following are some tooth-friendly ideas when filling Easter baskets this year:
Add a musical, light-up or cartoon-character toothbrush into the mix. Novelties can get little ones excited about brushing. How about adding an egg-shaped timer alongside other plastic eggs. This can be used to teach kids to brush for the full two minutes that I recommended. You could also include books or videos such as “The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss” or the “Dr. Rabbit” video series to get kids thinking about healthy teeth. I also recommend kids have a nutritious meal or snack prior to digging into their Easter treats to avoid overindulgence. As always, there’s no substitute for brushing and flossing twice a day to keep their teeth clean and cavity free.
Dr. Summer

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