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Fluoride Treatments

Have you had a restoration (cavity, crown, etc.,) done within the last year due to decay? If yes, this puts you at a higher risk for cavities.Fluoride treatments are a great way to prevent more cavities in patients who are already prone to them.

How is flossing going for you? We all know we should floss daily, but do you? If your oral hygiene is not ideal, fluoride could be just the thing to keep your neglect from leading to cavities between your teeth.

Fluoride can also help with sensitive teeth. Diets high in acidic foods and beverages, general gum recession, and whitening products can all produce sensitive teeth. Fluoride treatments re-mineralize tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity.

Both of IDC’s hygienists, Annie and Katie, as well as myself would be happy to explain the benefits of a fluoride treatment for you personally at your next appointment.

All my best wishes for a wonderful week!
Dr. Summer

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