All-on-4® to replace many teeth quickly, cost-effectively, and conservatively

Dental implants present a way to replace missing teeth that replicate the structure of a natural tooth. The implant itself is designed to function as a tooth root; however, patients missing all their teeth in the upper or lower jaws do not need one implant placed in the jaw to support every tooth that was lost or that will require extraction. That would be an incredibly traumatic (as well as cost-prohibitive) process! Instead, Dr. Summer Gutschow and her highly knowledgeable and kind team offer the All-on-4® system.

All-on-4® explained

The idea behind this minimally invasive and cost-effective implant option is to use as few implants as possible to support a maximum number of replacement teeth optimally. As is the case with implants in general, the beauty of the All-on-4® system is in the design! Dr. Gutschow applies her expertise and computer-guided technologies to precisely using each implant in a way where it takes advantage of available bone. Thus, each implant is positioned in the jaw at the angle and placement which best supports optimal performance, stability, and function. Using the All-on-4® approach, we may be able to replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaws with just four implants.

This process is also efficient, as we can attach the replacement teeth to implants as soon as they are placed. In some cases, we may even extract and replace the teeth during the same appointment. Many patients appreciate this because they never have to be seen in public with gaps in their smiles. Bear in mind that these initial bridges or dentures are mainly temporary because there are no short-cuts for implant healing and joining to the bone in the jaw. Once tissues have fully healed, we can fit you with your permanent teeth or denture. Patients appreciate that not only do All-on-4® systems promote a natural feel, function, and appearance but since they are also designed like natural teeth, the devastating process of bone loss is avoided. Or, for patients with bone resorption, the process is halted. When you don’t have teeth to “use,” the supporting bone in the jaw is lost. The consequences are many, including loss of support to the face, which alters your overall appearance, and progressive challenges to speaking, eating, and other essential functions.

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