Vivos gets to the source of ADHD-like symptoms and resolves childhood sleep-disordered breathing

Sleep apnea can affect adults and children alike. However, symptoms of sleep apnea differ between pediatric and adult patients. For instance, kids may be misdiagnosed as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) when, in reality, they are suffering from sleep-disordered breathing.

Notably, when adults are chronically tired, they become irritable or lethargic. On the other hand, children tend to “display” their chronic sleeplessness in different ways; for instance, pediatric patients’ sleep apnea may manifest oppositely – as bursts of energy or hyperactivity and other behavioral issues. These children may also have food aversions (be a picky eater), latent bed wetting, dark circles under their eyes, chronic nasal congestion and mouth breathing, chapped lips, and trouble with seasonal allergies.

Innovative Dental Care in Omaha, Nebraska, is well-equipped to accurately rule out or confirm this condition among children and adults alike. Our own Dr. Summer Gutschow works closely with other medical professionals on the patient’s care team, from family physicians or pediatricians to sleep specialists. With a proper diagnosis in hand and a sleep assessment in the rearview mirror, we can move forward to resolving your child’s symptoms and preventing complications.

The Vivos Method

If we determine that Vivos is an appropriate therapy for your child, a lightweight oral appliance will be designed to fit the mouth’s contours exactly. These appliances resemble a retainer, mouthguard, or nightguard; however, they are designed to aid in expanding the jaw and palate precisely and guide the healthy and proper development of the jaws, airway, teeth, and mouth. In doing so, and when worn as directed, these appliances create more space in the mouth and throat for the air to pass through the airway properly. No more scary interruptions in breathing throughout the night!

Such proactive therapy while your child is still developing can also minimize the need for other procedures later in life. For instance, by addressing these problems quickly and early in childhood, our patients often do not need conventional braces to align the teeth or promote a healthy bite. Likewise, this natural and conservative approach presents an attractive alternative to invasive and unnecessary procedures such as jaw surgery.

Since there are so many potential side effects and complications of sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing, by resolving the condition at its source effectively and promptly, our patients also experience the following:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better concentration
  • Fewer or less severe headaches
  • Better performance at school
  • Elimination of ADHD-like behaviors

A more attractive facial profile and posture are also supported by promoting balanced, healthy growth and development. Once imbalances and misalignment have been corrected, less strain is also placed on the teeth and jaws. Teeth correctly aligned are also less vulnerable to tooth decay and other threats to their excellent health.

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