Technical expertise and technology meet to design precision-fit dentures for natural function and feel

Patients’ comfort, durability, and overall satisfaction from full or partial dentures depend primarily on their fit. So, you are in luck! Dr. Summer Gutschow is an accomplished and skilled dental practitioner (and a Creighton grad). She has invested in several advanced technologies to aid in her ability to maintain or restore a patient’s attractive, healthy smile. She uses these technologies to design and plan the approach that we take to rebuilding your teeth at Innovative Dental Care in Omaha, Nebraska. Additionally, alternatives to “conventional” dentures may be appropriate and better suited to your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Getting to know the dentures process

Dentures are mainly prosthetic teeth and gums that sit on a framework (the base). These replacement teeth can be made from various materials, including dental ceramics and acrylic resin. We use quality materials and ensure that they are perfectly color-matched to your skin tone and other characteristics. Additionally, we assure you that these teeth and gums blend in with the surrounding teeth when you still have some healthy teeth. For these individuals, a “partial” denture is appropriate. The partial typically gets its support from the surrounding teeth. The prosthetic teeth and gummy framework connect and stabilize the mouth with clasps or attachments.

For complete or full dentures, the patient either doesn’t have any teeth left in the upper or lower jaws, or the remaining teeth will need to be extracted. In these cases, the denture gets its support from natural suction or denture adhesive. The upper denture largely should conform to the contours of the roof or palate of the mouth. That is what we mean by “natural suction.” Lower denture wearers may be challenged because of the shape of the mouth’s floor and the effect of the tongue and its movements. With meticulous planning, Dr. Gutschow guarantees the correct fit that facilitates proper function. Her patients avoid many common complaints that have long plagued those who wear conventional removable dentures; for instance, when dentures fit poorly, they tend to slip around and cause sores or embarrassment when eating or speaking.

It is vital for our patients to maintain regular check-ups. We can answer their questions or concerns about their dentures, including adjusting to them and proper cleaning and maintenance. As part of that “upkeep,” we may recommend relining, rebasing, or repairs. Your facial tissues change over time. Your denture must keep up and be adjusted to support the best fit.

Your confident smile awaits! Call (402) 933-8005 to schedule your consultation. We are happy to discuss the many options available to today’s patients, including dentures supported by dental implants placed in the jawbone. The implants quite literally “root” the denture in the jaw.