Options to renew the appearance and health of the gums that do so much for your teeth and smile

Your teeth are not the only “stars” of your mouth! The pinkish-red gums that surround your teeth are also stars in their own right. Gummy (periodontal) tissue supports everything from the attractive aesthetics of your smile to the stability and health of your teeth. And Dr. Summer of Innovative Dental Care in Omaha, Nebraska, gives the gums the attention they deserve. She offers many periodontal procedures, ranging from cosmetic gum contouring to pocket reduction (to reduce the spaces between the teeth and gums among those patients with gum disease). Plus, she can reshape or alter the gums in a conservative, highly precise, painless, comfortable, and fast way with lasers.

Reshaping procedures

The shape, thickness, and overall appearance of the gum line can either detract from or amplify the overall beauty of your smile. We can very precisely correct the imbalanced area for patients with unevenly-scalloped gums. In doing so, we bring aesthetically-pleasing balance to the entire area. Dr. Summer adjusts the gum line and recontours the tissue using laser dentistry.

When directed to targeted treatment areas, the energy from the laser can be used to treat soft tissues optimally. Treatment is conservative, preserves maximum natural tissues, is speedy, and minimizes bleeding, discomfort, and other unwanted side effects. It is also an attractive alternative to procedures that use manual cutting instruments associated with post-operative bleeding, pain, and longer healing times. Since the laser is so targeted and well-tolerated, little to no anesthetic may be necessary for comfort. Also, there is little to nothing to recover from! It is a great “instant gratification” process because a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your smile can be visible immediately.

Additional periodontal procedures

Our precision techniques and advanced technologies can also be used to remove gingival overgrowth. Patients may be unhappy about the appearance of their “gummy” smiles. Or diseased gum tissue may need to be removed or treated to promote healing and healthy reattachment of the gums and the teeth. Additionally, periodontal therapies may be recommended to eradicate harmful bacteria from periodontal pockets, encourage healing, and reduce the size of these spaces between teeth. As needed, recessed gums may need to be “built up,” too, and tissue may even be grafted to augment a gum line that has been damaged by periodontal disease.

As you can see, there are many ways to give your gums the tender, loving care that they deserve! Call (402) 933-8005 today to schedule an appointment at our office off the West Dodge Expressway on California Street. We’ll evaluate your smile and discuss any concerns and options for treatment with you.