Digital x-rays resolve oral symptoms, treat oral problems with accurate, safe, gentle diagnostics

At Innovative Dental Care, we live up to our name. Dr. Summer has invested in an array of advanced technologies to support the most convenient, pleasant, comfortable, gentle, and conservative experience possible. The use of diagnostic technologies such as digital dental x-rays also helps accurate diagnoses of conditions ranging from early-stage tooth decay to gum inflammation to pre-cancerous lesions and other abnormal growths. Additionally, by properly pinpointing the root cause of signs and getting as much information about the condition as possible, we can develop plans that effectively treat the condition to resolve pain, swelling, and other symptoms.

Instead of conventional film-based x-rays or radiography, our team uses digital x-rays. These x-rays use a combination of specialized sensors and plates to create clear and detailed images of oral structures. In turn, Dr. Summer can identify hidden areas of decay or other abnormalities that might be missed with earlier-generation or less advanced systems. These images can further be viewed promptly and shared with patients. To better “see” very small areas, we can also zoom in and adjust the images as needed.

Patients also appreciate how safe our diagnostic technologies are; digital radiography is appropriate even for children. These systems are associated with up to 90% less radiation exposure than traditional film-based radiography. Since the images can be made so quickly and non-invasively, digital x-rays are well-suited for fidgety patients. This approach is more comfortable and convenient for all patients because there is less time required to scan your mouth with these systems than with conventional technologies.

In addition to promoting the most pleasant experience at our office as possible, at Innovative Dental Care, we are all about being great community and environmental stewards. So, it is our great privilege to say that these technologies are also “green” and environmentally friendly. After all, we are not using any of the films and additional materials necessary to process these x-rays. Our approach eliminates the waste that is created by standard radiography processes.

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