Straight talk about modern, innovative orthodontic treatment with removable, clear Invisalign® aligners

Thanks to innovations in dental materials, software, and orthodontic design, patients who desire or need straighter teeth and a healthier bite are not restricted to “traditional” treatment with fixed metal braces. Our patients at Innovative Dental Care in Omaha, Nebraska, have been able to correct crowding, crooked teeth, and a range of bite issues comfortably, quickly, and efficiently with removable, transparent aligners: Invisalign®.

Not-so-basic teeth straightening

Conventional braces use silver-colored stainless-steel wires and brackets and bands or rings to move teeth into proper placements gradually. These braces can only be removed by the dentist or orthodontist responsible for placing them. Plus, treatment progress also depends on a regular visit to the dentist’s or specialist’s office. The braces must be tightened to facilitate treatment advancement. They can only be adjusted by your dental professional.

Additionally, there is often a considerable adjustment period for the patient. The braces cannot be removed for easy or effective brushing and flossing. Likewise, patients may be limited with the foods they can eat or enjoy during treatment due to the risk of breaking or otherwise damaging components of the orthodontic hardware.

Fortunately, Invisalign® eliminates these historical headaches due to its transformative design. Dr. Summer can create a 3-dimensional model of your mouth by using advanced software. The model further simulates how your teeth will move throughout treatment. This model also guides the fabrication of those removable, clear aligners.

When worn each day as directed (for at least 22 hours), the aligner trays place gentle yet consistent pressure on the teeth to guide them into their proper positions. They can be removed to enjoy even sticky or tough foods and for proper cleaning that helps keep decay and gum disease at bay during treatment. Since they are made from clear and smooth plastic, no one but your dentist has to know that you are straightening your teeth, and they won’t cause sores! Each aligner is part of a series corresponding to a different part of your treatment plan. So, be sure to wear each aligner in the correct order and for the right amount of time (around one to two weeks).

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