How Botox® at the dentist’s office complements your vibrant appearance and resolves TMJ symptoms

As our name suggests, at Innovative Dental Care, we are no strangers to innovation. Dr. Summer Gutschow is among the select group of dental practitioners in metro Omaha, Nebraska, to administer Botox®. Dr. Summer is perfectly equipped to inject Botox® safely, comfortably, and predictably due to her extensive knowledge of and experience treating oral and facial anatomical features and related conditions.

Brush up on Botox®

Botox® may be known most famously as a cosmetic procedure; however, its applications are rooted in medical conditions ranging from facial spasms to crossed-eyes. It has grown to be used to treat everything from excessive sweating and overactive bladder to chronic migraines.

As a neuromodulator, Botox® is formulated to disrupt the messages from the nerves that tell muscles in the treatment area to “contract.” In turn, the muscles are relaxed. A relaxed muscle does not strain the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and connected tissues. In turn, our patients have experienced relief from TMJ symptoms, such as frequent headaches, earaches, tinnitus, jaw stiffness and locking, and facial pain.

Injected muscles also remain relaxed. So, they don’t contribute to “expression lines”; for instance, “smoker’s lines,” “crow’s feet,” or “frown lines.” These lines arise due to the repeated contractions made every time you express yourself – by smiling, smoking, squinting, or frowning.

Due to Dr. Summer’s skill, training, and experience, she assures that Botox® is injected precisely into the correct areas to get the results that you desire and to address your specific cosmetic or oral needs. Additionally, she applies just the right amount of Botox®. You never have to worry about your face looking “frozen” or unnatural. And because it is administered so precisely, your other muscles can still move naturally. So, no one notices anything “off” about your appearance. You can go ahead and smile!

When in the capable hands of a medical professional, Botox® is incredibly safe and low-risk. It is well-tolerated by most patients and is generally considered to be a fast, lunchtime appointment with no downtime or demands on your body (and schedule) for healing and recovery. What concerns you? Botox® may be able to help! Call (402) 933-8005 to find out more about Botox® and schedule your appointment with Dr. Summer. Your health and rejuvenated appearance are in excellent hands.