Comfortably whiten yellow, stained teeth with professional treatments that you can trust

If you hide your smile due to stains caused by a coffee habit or the simple passage of time, at Innovative Dental Care in Omaha, Nebraska, we have an easy, affordable, fast, and safe way to inject youthful vibrancy back into your smile effectively! Like our own Dr. Summer Gutschow, modern dentists have numerous methods to lift stains comfortably and predictably from your teeth and support lasting results from whitening treatments.

The professional whitening difference

We understand that OTC products that claim to whiten the teeth can be quite frustrating and may even present threats to the excellent health of your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues. The trouble with these products is that they are not customized to your unique needs and goals. Furthermore, they are not formulated with active ingredients proven to remove stains safely and effectively. Lastly, these products are not strong enough to make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your teeth because the concentration of the peroxide-based gel or formula is lacking.

As a professional dental practice, we have access to clinically proven (and safe) products. These products are more potent than what you can order on your own online or buy at the drugstore. Notably, Dr. Summer oversees every part of the treatment process to support your natural, fantastic results, comfort, safety, and overall satisfaction with the experience of whitening. She will first assure that your stains will be responsive to our whitening products. Some intrinsic or deep discoloration may be addressed through alternative means, which we can discuss during your appointment.
Also, it is crucial to address any restorations that you may have. Dental restorations are not amenable to whitening gels. We can discuss steps to ensure a whiter smile and a natural, uniform appearance.

Dentists generally prescribe one of two methods, depending on what they find during consultation and factors such as concerns over tooth sensitivity and how quickly their patients want results:

  • Office whitening – Teeth can be whitened by several shades, typically in around one hour. The whitening gel is applied directly to the teeth. Surrounding tissues are protected. Usually, the gel is activated by a specialized dental light.
  • Home whitening – Teeth can be whitened by many shades in a matter of days with customized whitening trays. These trays are designed to conform to your mouth. So, they fit comfortably and support consistent results when they are filled with the whitening gel and are worn as directed.

As partners in your oral health, we’ll also work with you to keep those dramatically improved results. Call (402) 933-8005 to schedule an appointment at our office along the West Dodge Corridor, proudly serving all of metro Omaha – including Elkhorn, Bennington, Arlington, Gretna, Fort Calhoun, and Blair.