How advanced technologies support an exceptional dental experience

How we care for our patients sets us apart from other dentists in and around Omaha, Nebraska. Innovative Dental Care is also supported in this all-important mission by cutting-edge technologies. These technologies are not just the latest nice, shiny object to have. They have real value for our patients and team. While these advanced systems differ in their design and applications, they all support the most comfortable, conservative, gentle, fast, affordable, and pleasant experience possible.

Diagnostic technologies

Accurately diagnosing conditions or the underlying causes of symptoms such as aching teeth informs the development of effective treatment plans that resolves problems quickly. We use various advanced technologies to quickly, non-invasively, safely, and precisely pinpoint the cause of conditions affecting the gums, teeth, and other oral tissues. These systems include:

  • Digital x-rays – An alternative to traditional film-based x-rays that uses special sensors and plates to quickly capture clear images of the mouth while using dramatically less radiation than conventional radiography processes
  • Intra-oral camera – All it takes is passing a small, wand-like device over your teeth and mouth to capture all sorts of insights into the state of hard and soft oral tissues, detailed images that we can share with patients to aid them in understanding the underlying conditions and in making educated treatment decisions
  • iTero® digital scanner – No more messy goo and gag-inducing manual impressions! We can make precise impressions the high-tech way, digitally, using a comfortable handheld wand.
  • ViziLite® — Oral cancers are highly treatable when diagnosed and addressed early into the disease process. Our use of ViziLite® technology promotes early detection. So we can begin treatment quickly.
  • CBCT technology to diagnose problem in 3D that are often not seen in 2D…sinus infections, cysts and polyps; restricted airways, soft tissue tethers; silent chronic tooth infections; join dysfunction and destruction; underdeveloped craniofacial anatomy

Treatment technologies

With an accurate diagnosis in hand, Dr. Summer can effectively treat the cause of your pain and other concerns. These treatments are also comfortable, painless, efficient, and promote fast healing. Her skilled techniques may be complemented by:

  • Soft tissue lasers – With laser technology, everything from diseased gums to painful oral ulcers can be treated safely and gently.
  • CEREC® — This system supports “tooth in a day.” Yes, we can plan, design, make, and place dental crowns in one visit. Typically, it would take at least two visits to get a permanent crown. We can fabricate your crown with our in-house, computer-aided design software and onsite milling machine while you wait. The Wand® — Anxious patients, rejoice! We use a discreet, pen-like device for utmost comfort during procedures. This approach also administers numbing anesthetic precisely. This is an excellent option for all patients, especially those with “dentophobia” (numbing needles and shots are a common source of dental fear).
  • Vivos patent technology to grow jaws in a noninvasive way
  • 3D scans (Itero) to avoid traditional impressions
  • STA- computerized anesthesia to make getting numb easy and comfortable
  • Digital xrays- to see more clearly and diagnose early
  • Intraoral camera- to document changes and see problems more clearly

Experience our combination of timeless care, and the “latest” dental science and technology has to offer for yourself. Call (402) 933-8005 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Summer at Innovative Dental Care, conveniently located along the West Dodge Corridor. We’ll see you soon!