Protect the health of your child’s smile with “winning” custom sports mouthguard

From Husker Football to Bluejays Basketball to Maverick Hockey, our corner of eastern Nebraska represents a sports-loving bunch! At Innovative Dental Care in Omaha, we want to keep the “fun” and performance in your child’s sports games. One of the ways that we do that is with the design and application of custom-made sports mouthguards.

These “guards” or oral appliances are not just made for kids and smaller mouths. Instead, they are made specifically for your kid’s mouth. That is important because the effectiveness of the mouthguard depends on our assuring the device fits properly.

Consider this:

  • “Universal” or off-the-shelf mouthguards tend to rub up against the inside of the child’s mouth and slip around. Compliance associated with these and other ill-fitting boil and bite guards is low. What good does a mouthguard do if it doesn’t get worn regularly?
  • Mouthguards designed to fit all (they fit no one) tend to be made from inferior materials. While they may seem like a good deal upfront, these devices cost more over the long run due to the risk of their being damaged and their inability to protect the teeth, lips, gums, oral tissues, and jaws as intended from blows to the face.
  • Ill-fitting mouthguards can even inhibit athletic performance and endurance. That either leads to frustration on the part of the athlete or the mouthguard not being used.

A Creighton grad (go Jays!), Dr. Summer Gutschow, offers a robust, effective, precision alternative to one-size-fits-all appliances. The custom mouthguards she plans, and designs are made from impressions or models of your child’s mouth. They are designed to fit precisely and comfortably. So, they will get used and can adequately protect your child’s mouth and surrounding structures. When these custom-fit devices slip into their mouths, athletes forget they are wearing them! They do not adversely affect respiration and, in turn, allow for sustained athletic performance.

Lastly, these mouthguards are an excellent investment in your child’s health and overall wellbeing. They effectively prevent the need for costly restorative procedures caused by sports-related oral injuries (such as fractured, broken, avulsed, or knocked-out teeth). Our sportsguards hold up well through everything your child may put them through. You don’t have to worry about constantly purchasing replacement devices because our guards are made from such high-quality and durable materials. Their condition is also monitored regularly during dental check-ups by Dr. Summer.

Innovative Dental Care and custom sports mouthguards are a winning combination for your student-athlete. Call us at (402) 933-8005. We are conveniently located off West Dodge Road, behind Stokes on California Street. You can’t miss us!