Innovative dentistry combines warm care to prevent oral problems and keep your smile healthy!

At Innovative Dental Care, we have left no stone unturned when it comes to your experience with us. Our office, conveniently located off West Dodge Street in Omaha, is well-appointed, down to the heating pads, warm blankets, and wireless headphones that we offer. All details have been considered. Additionally, our Nebraska-born, Creighton-trained dentist, Dr. Summer Gutschow, has invested in a range of cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. These investments all support your safety, comfort, convenience, and favorable treatment outcomes.

Why are these innovative tools approaches so important?

We want you to keep coming back to us for preventive care that is so necessary for your smile’s health and beauty and your overall health and well-being. You are much more likely to visit us if our surroundings are inviting, our team is welcoming, and treatment is a painless, hassle-free, and no-stress experience. So, we do everything in our power to ensure that no detail is left to chance when it comes to building a strong, trusted relationship with our team.

What is preventive dentistry?

The dental checkup is fundamental to preventing the conditions that lead to oral damage, tooth loss, and the need for costly, invasive restorative treatments. Checkups are scheduled mainly once every six months. If you have risk factors for conditions such as oral cancer and gum disease, like you smoke or chew tobacco, Dr. Gutschow may want to schedule more frequent visits.

Our professional dental hygienists apply their considerable training and specialized tools to remove stubborn plaque (tartar) gently and thoroughly from the teeth during these routine appointments. You cannot remove tartar with standard toothbrushes, floss, and other OTC products. Additionally, the professional cleaning removes harmful, disease-causing bacteria and stains and supports fresh breath. Our patients love how great their mouths feel after a good polishing.

Our team will also use professional instruments to measure the pockets between the teeth and gums gently. Gum disease causes the gums to pull away from the teeth. So, we use these spaces or pockets to identify the presence and extent of gum disease. Knowing this information aids in our ability to recommend effective treatment options.

Throughout your visit, we can also make recommendations for (and demonstrate) techniques to clean your teeth more effectively and efficiently at home or on the go. We may recommend special oral care products, as well as preventive therapies. Dr. Gutschow can incorporate some of these professional preventive services into your checkup during these visits. For instance, dental sealants are easy and fast to apply. These coverings “seal out” food debris and bacteria from decay-prone back teeth.

Cutting-edge diagnostic technologies complement this high level of care. We use light-based VizLite® to pinpoint potential pre-cancers, cancerous lesions, and other abnormalities that cannot be seen with the naked eye or identified by touch alone. Advanced digital scans, x-rays, and intraoral cameras render explicit pictures of the mouth, and they do so non-invasively and quickly. We can safely, comfortably, and accurately detect problems earlier in the disease process. Early detection can save teeth and, quite literally, save lives when treating cancers before they have spread.

Innovative Dental Care is all about preventing and getting ahead of conditions, rather than being reactive and responding to problems as they arise. Our warm, friendly nature and a high degree of skill make it easy to keep up with routine, preventive visits. Call today to schedule yours (402) 933-8005.

We look forward to maintaining your healthiest, most brilliant smile.