Healthy smiles start with a blend of good home care and consistent dental visits

Tooth decay and gum disease are among the most prevalent conditions in the world. They are also the leading causes of tooth loss. At Innovative Dental Care, we work closely with individuals and families throughout the Omaha, Nebraska, metro area to prevent these common oral conditions. We also visit with patients frequently to “catch” early signs of decay or disease, such as enamel erosion and gum inflammation. In doing so, we can protect the smile from irreversible damage to the teeth and its supportive tissues (gums and bone).

Home care and regular office visits go hand in hand

Good oral hygiene at home is critical to protect your smile’s beauty, function, health, and comfort. Consistent, routine visits to our office are equally important. You can’t have one without the other! During these regular appointments or dental check-ups, our dentist, Dr. Summer, and our hygiene team provide guidance on techniques and oral care products. Simple, low- to no-cost changes can make a world of difference when it comes to effectively cleaning your mouth! For instance, depending on factors such as your unique risk of developing advanced gum disease (periodontitis), we may recommend special OTC or prescription toothpaste or rinses. Or, for those many patients with dry mouth, store-bought lozenges or other products can moisturize and soothe parched tissues. Plus, they help your breath smell great.

Professional hygiene appointments at our office also go with excellent home care like peanut butter and jelly due to the unique services offered to support a clean and healthy mouth. Harmful plaque is constantly building up on the teeth. Even those patients who are consistently thorough twice-daily brushers and daily flossers need a little help in the form of professional cleanings. They cannot possibly remove all the plaque that forms on the teeth. Also, if plaque lingers and is allowed to harden, only professionals like our dental hygienists can remove this stubborn substance (called “tartar” or “calculus”). Tartar progressively erodes the teeth and the gums, and supporting bone.

With great, proactive home and professional care, we can protect the teeth from the conditions that lead to irreparable damage and the need for dental extraction. Should damage still arise or the need for extractions to accommodate orthodontic treatment occur, our team provides clear instructions on how to care for treatment sites.

Are you concerned about an aching tooth? Overdue for a dental visit? We encourage you to contact us at (402) 933-8005 sooner rather than later with questions or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Summer.